Skimmer Filter

By · Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Skimmer Filter

With the team Koi Pond, as elsewhere, there is so much want and need. You should be able to identify. There are also some types of equipment, but not needs to care for your pond so much easier than you must acquire if you are able to do so.

Remember also that you need to make decisions on some of this stuff in the early stages of Koi Pond design and construction. If needs are left out will cost at first many times to add later.


Pond Filter: This team is the "heart" your Koi pond. It keeps the water clean and healthy for your fish. The filter has two very important functions. First, mechanically removes fish waste and anything else that causes cloudiness in the pond. Secondly, the biological changes of filtering pond ammonia into nitrites and nitrates, which then becomes less toxic to fish.

Drainage at the base: the bottom drains are of the utmost importance to have a successful koi pond. Some ponds including the need to fund several drains. Without a bottom drain your filter can not do its job properly.

Pump: The last piece of equipment necessary Koi Pond is the bomb. You want a bomb big enough to send all your pond water through your filter every two or three hours. There are several factors to consider when choosing a pump. Be sure to choose efficient pump designed specifically for Koi ponds.

VERY useful but not a "necessity":

Skimmer: Your skimmer points in the debris from the surface. It is possible to this manually with a network and through a pond vacuum to get any debris that makes its way to the bottom of the pond. If you can afford to get a greatly reduced labor!

UV: A UV light is particularly useful in new ponds until the beneficial bacteria is established as the pond mature. This piece of equipment Koi Pond kills algae blooms that float suspended in the water of your pond. Two things to note, you need the right size for your pond or not effective and UV lights will not kill algae string as it is united and not floating in the pond.

Jets: People have jets in their ponds to say he would never do without them. Although there is a need to provide exercises for your Koi fish that are swimming in the river and enjoy the stream. If installed at appropriate places water can move from "dead" areas of your pond and toward the skimmer, where the waste can be collected. Moreover, they are installed so that water breaks the surface that can help oxygenate the pond! As can be seen to provide many benefits.

Auto-fill: Although far from being a need for an auto-completion makes it easier to maintain your pond. As its name implies that always keeps water at a predetermined level. As water evaporates, it is automatically replaced. This reduces the risk of forgetting to turn off the hose and inadvertently kill fish by chlorination.


I consider pre-filters, underwater lights and automatic feeders to be in the "wants" category. Needs may be good to have, but definitely are not. These are the basics, though not definitely more details to consider when choosing specific pieces of equipment Koi Pond.

To find out more about Koi pond equipment and receive your FREE 10-part Mini-course on Koi and Koi pond care, visit today! Author Alan Deacon is an expert Koi enthusiast who enjoys teaching and helping others.

Attaching the Faceplate of the Skimmer Filter in Your Pond

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