Skull Aquarium

By · Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Skull Aquarium
Do aquarium accessories really matter?

Is there any reason to have the gravel in the aquarium? Marbles because I think it looks good. The only otherwise it is a skull with fake teeth and all. This is a 10-liter tank and I'm thinking of getting a Betta. What other cheap accessories should I get? Plants Fake?

A betta's natural habitat the water with little or no current, and choked with plants. The best kind to get are live plants, but plants silk well. We do not use plastic plants because they tend to snag bettas fins and grind. The golden rule is that if you can hook and pantyhose damage then it can damage the betta fins. If I did not plant / cover there, the fish become stressed out, which weakens your immune system, which in turn makes them more likely the cottonmouth, ick, etc. The aim of the gravel is to build an ecosystem of good bacteria to help with the bad things that a fish will produce. Ammonia, changes etc. weekly water will also help keep the perameters drinking water for the fish. What you need: water test kit, gravel (or marbles) vacuum gravel, water conditioner, plants (preferably, real or silk) food betta, heater (bettas like between 74-80 degrees F) thermometer (to make sure that ddoesn't too hot or cold) a kind of hideout (cave, etc.) and a filter. If you do not have a filter, plans to make 100% water changes every week. While It is true that bettas can live without a filter, which must have their water before changing ammonia levels get high, or going to get sick and possibly die. To learn more, you can go to have tons of information, and everything is free. Not even have to participate in the forum to review the data.

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