Slime Algae

By · Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Slime Algae
How to get rid of slime algae in my reef tank?

I recently got an infestation of red and black / dark purple slime algae. I know because algae traps gas bubbles float upward. Iv'e tried vacuuming the sand, water changes, and the times of illumination. nothing worked. I'm working hard on the growth of coralline algae and not only want to kill me or my coral colony. any suggestions? the heater is set to 80 degrees due to a Recent ich attack. maybe a change in temperature. will solve the problem?

If this reservoir is under a year old is quite natural if You need to be sure that all the water goes in the tank is ro / di, if that is the case of buying a $ 45.00 little peep of reactors and the media fill fourth to third oxide GFO (granular ferric), or brand names are phosban Phosguard, cyanobacteria in a month (its red mud) will dissipate on its own if you earned in your tank NOT scrub and rinse with tap water

Day 110 – Red Slime Algae

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