Slime Remover

By · Friday, November 6th, 2009

Slime Remover
Red Slime Algae (Cyanobacteria) need help with this! This is a 90 liter tank of salt water ..?

I have done everything possible so far Cyanobacteria get rid of this. I antibiotics, red mud remover (2 different types) changes of 20% water not to overfeed, reduced lighting, clean the sand, washing my rocks I'm really confused with this cyanobacterium has a tight grip on my tank. Please, if someone had solved this problem and help me ok! The tank is 3 years old! phosphates and nitrates are low that I check every week, plus other evidence of the tank is 3 years old! phosphates and Nitrates are low I check every week in addition to other tests and have three 802 power heads running water moves around really well / ro di water use in the tank mt

Are you using RO / DI water and topping for making salt water? If not, I would suggest switching to use the filtered water as tap water may have "food" to feed the cyanobacteria. If so, make sure that the cartridges do not need to change (the sediment, carbon block DI cartridges and generally should be changed about every 6-12 months and the RO membrane approximately every 2-3 years). Although their test equipment are showing low levels nitrates and phosphates, this could almost be a false reading. The algae can use these nutrients and low maintenance. We recommend using some type of media phosphate remover communication (as RowaPhos or Phosban) to ensure that levels remain low. How old are the lights? Most fluorescent bulbs should be changed out about every 9-12 months (old bulbs can cause problems for algae to grow faster) and metal halide must be changed almost every 12-18 months. Besides that, it seems that they are doing all the other things that have been suggested (reduced feeding, water changes cyano siphon as much as possible, increase the flow).

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