Small Aquarium

By · Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Small Aquarium

Choosing an aquarium can be confusing for the first time buyer. There are many shapes and sizes of tanks aquarium fish to choose from, all made with different materials to achieve different aesthetic. We will discuss the different factors to consider when buying your fish tank first.


How big of a must buy for your aquarium fish tank first? For fish tanks, size does matter. Contrary what the beginner aquarist may believe, the smaller tanks are harder to maintain. Smaller aquariums waste accumulate more rapidly and accumulation of waste is proportionately larger in comparison with large aquariums. A small aquarium requires more frequent maintenance and water changes. Moreover, temperature and chemical changes occur faster in smaller tanks because there is less volume of water. Remember that rapid changes in temperature or constant or water chemistry can be hazardous to the health of your fish. I advise novice aquarists buy a 30 gallon tank, as a minimum size. A 30 gallon (120 liters) tank has a volume of water sufficient to neutralize toxins and dilute the products of fish waste. Any size larger than 30 gallons will be even more easy to maintain, but the benefits of more water is not as important. The best size tank to get, when you start out, is a 30 gallon tank.


If you have been looking in catalogs or tanks seen in stores, you already know you can get a variety of different shells so, from the cylinder round, standard rectangular shaped box, even the more exotic forms hexagonal. While it may seem attractive, aesthetics not the only issue in deciding on the shape of your aquarium. Again, remember that you will have to clean the tank in a week basis, so keeping all corners and edges of the tank clean is very important. Another factor to consider is the height of the tank. While the tall tanks look impressive, are very difficult to keep clean. Without specialized cleaning tools, a deep aquarium will never be completely clean and always carry waste products and toxins. In addition, aquariums deep may require special lighting systems to penetrate into the deeper water volume. If you plan to add plants to your aquarium, this is definitely an important issue to consider, as plants can not thrive in poorly lit environments.

Material – Glass or acrylic

Depending on which size and shape of aquarium you have decided to buy a glass or acrylic material may be right for you. Here are the advantages of a glass aquarium. In general, glass tanks are less expensive than acrylic and will not scratch so easily. They are also more durable and last longer than acrylic tanks, so you can usually find a glass tank used quite easily. On the negative side, glass aquariums, special, larger volumes can become very heavy. If you are thinking of buying a large tank, acrylic will be much lighter than glass. Aquariums are acrylic its own advantages too. If you prefer a tank with an irregular shape, it is easier to find in acrylic. Modern formulations allow for tanks of acrylic to be much clearer than glass, but they are much easier to zero and should be cleaned with special soft pads. Acrylic is also more of an insulator than glass, so acrylic aquariums require less heating and maintaining a stable temperature. In general, glass aquariums are considered as the cheapest alternative to fish tanks acrylic favorites.

You have many choices when purchasing his fish tank first. Make sure you know how to select the best fish tank for your needs.

Shawn Van de Vyver is an amateur aquarist in Royal Oak, Michigan. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of aquariums and fish tank design. For more information or questions, visit My Fish Tank Supplies, a personal aquarium blog. He can be contacted by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or visiting My Fish Tank Supplies.

Small aquarium

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