Small Golden

By · Friday, December 11th, 2009

Small Golden

At first glance, the challenges of small closet organization seems onerous. Small cabinets and cupboards full well appear to be semi-useless junk. We all had a catch-up growth. Most of us do not even call the wastebasket. It was the kitchen drawer where he spent much but little has been withdrawn. It contained things like birthday candles, cake, once used, washers, conference name tags, pens, batteries, razors, toys from cereal boxes and small packages of Kleenex.

It is virtually impossible to arrange a catch or a cupboard in the trash, so do not even try. What you should do is eliminate the problem at source. If you want to have organized small closets, you can not afford to have a catch-all closet. You must keep a limited number of types of elements in each cabinet. This is the golden rule of organizing small closet.

The first step is to purge the trash from the wastebasket / closet. Even if the birthday candles are only used for one minute you will never use again. They are inexpensive. Throw it away. Once you have purged trash it true that you can begin to organize. Organize like things with like things. Try to limit the contents of the closet to a maximum of 2-3 categories. If possible contain each category in its own plastic tray in the cabinet

For example, one category could be stationary. You may have pads of paper, note cards, post-its, pens, etc., all together in one place. Once things fall into strict categories, it is easy to keep them organized. Being organized to know where everything is and can access everything you need when you need it. Try to be as strict as possible with what you put in the closet. If an item does not enters one of the pre-designated categories that must be stored somewhere else. Other possible categories of small cabinet could include batteries, light bulbs, dog accessories such as brushes, toys and leashes.

rel = "nofollow" href = ""> Small closet organization can be relatively simple if you follow the golden rule.

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