Snails Fish

By · Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Snails Fish

Have you set up your aquarium, waiting patiently until the tank has cycled, which entered the fish slowly, allowing the biofilter to improve, your plants are growing and using all the nitrates, the tank looks great, and then it happens.

You get algae.

How can If this is, you've done everything right, water quality is good, the fish are happy, why has this happened?

The simple answer is that every aquarium has algae, to some extent, so do not despair, not unusual, and there is probably little or nothing wrong with your tank.

Aquarium algae control has to do with balance. If you have created a planted aquarium is likely to have created a mini environment that is perfect for growing plants and that is exactly what algae is therefore not surprising that move at the first opportunity.

So rather than trying to cure the algae simply accept that they are part of life in the aquarium. Do not pump the water full of products chemicals trying to get rid of them, just get a plan for monitoring and maintaining an acceptable level.

Apart from the regular water changes, a number other things that fall under the control of algae, but the driving force behind any aquarium algae control strategy is to control the nutrients that go into the water as the control of plant growth which in turn helps control algae growth.

Sounds simple, and at a basic level is simple, but vigilance is needed to details. Algae thrive on nitrates. Your fish produce waste that is converted to nitrate. Because nitrate is a natural plant fertilizer used this, so that when the tank of the plant that needs to include some fast-growing plants that can compete favorably for nitrates, helping to maintain levels of down, effectively starving the algae.

Light of the love of algae. Put your rel = "nofollow" href = ""> freshwater aquarium in direct sunlight and see what happens. Boom! Green water in no time. Too much light can promote algae in fish so make sure that the light is two to four watts per gallon and make the full-spectrum light that is in favor of the plants on algae.

Some plants need added potassium to grow at its best. All that helps plants to grow algae robs nutrients. Potassium does not help the algae so make sure you are adding to the dose of potassium levels.

Also make sure you are monitoring trace elements like iron. Some of the trace elements found in fertilizers help plants to once again make sure these are in the water in adequate quantity.

It is a balancing act. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer. If you are using your local water starts out different to mine. Monitor all, keep good records and see what works. Once you know what works, all you have to do is maintain the correct levels.

Remember, a little seaweed is great for fish. Use some canteens algae as well. Not only fish but also snails and shrimp, which help maintain the cleanliness of gravel and nitrate levels down.

The balance is the key. Verification of water quality, Keeping good records and finding what works for you.

Nick North lives in The Midlands in England with his wife and family. He has been a keen freshwater aquarium enthusiast for nearly twenty years and promotes the hobby through his articles and website which tell you how to set up a freshwater aquarium from scratch.

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