Sock Bag

By · Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Sock Bag

This article gives the basics of standards 5 cleaning and care of leather boots.

1. Keep them clean. This seems obvious for not because it is. You've probably paid a lot of money for leather boots, so if you have clay or wear them in bad weather, be sure to wipe down when you arrive home. Do not let the mud dry and especially if you live in a climate with a harsh climate and using salt, do not let the salt dry and become white markings. You can use a damp cloth or leather cleaner store bought.

2. Condition. There are tons of leather conditioners out there and most work well. The only things that stay away from conditioners that contain wax or silicone. Use a lint-free and always apply conditioner to the material, and not directly to the boot. It is better to make several applications of light as opposed to an immersion of the dose. Allow 30 minutes between applications.

3. Shop correctly. If you put your boots away for the summer, make sure to put them somewhere in your house. If you put them in a garage that is consistently 100 degrees, you see his boots deteriorate over time. Also, before storing for the summer, you should clean and condition. If you have particularly high boots that need to maintain its shape, which can fill them with acid-free paper.

4. Treat stains immediately. The skin spots easily and if you mean a drop of peanut butter in his boot, is not likely to come out. If you have a stain that does not come out (like oil), use an oil-based conditioner leather in the boot of a whole. This will subtly change the color of the boot around and hopefully make her less visible.

5. Treating odors. The leather is still stinky, but the skin mixed with the smell of feet can be especially potent. First, try to Febreeze or something. If that fails, go to bicarbonate soda. To clean with baking soda, put the boot in a paper bag or a pillow with an open box of baking soda for 24 hours. You can also fill a sock it and put it inside the boot.

Obviously, you should keep your leather boots away from harsh chemicals, dyes and harsh cleaning agents. Try leather boots to how you treat your own skin. If they put in their hands, do not put on your boots.

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