Soft Krill

By · Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Soft Krill
sick baby Painted Turtle I think?

I have a baby painted turtle im not sure of having her age, but only about an inch and a half long and thin and isn't seems I try to eat any food to feed the last 3 days, scales of fish, krill, turtle pellets, turtle pellets crushed or mashed carrots and shes seems very weak, and nothing stands around every hour or so for a minute or so, then back into the rock and sleeps and accidentally flipper is more than one lot and dosent even really try to turn your car again (which I think is a has a long tail) and I wonder if their illness or somthing? and not its shell is still sorta soft lot, but still soft on top and bottom that is very unlivly seems = (I have a friend and all he did was put in the light, put a UV / heat lamp on him and he just sleep on it and then take a dip in the water every hour or so and go back to sleep and she's so skinny looking = (

Your turtle may have metabolic bone disease (MBD) and is caused by poor diet and / or insufficient lighting. if you really want your turtle to survive I listen carefully. 1.When you keep? Be sure to provide shallow water since having million barrels a day is really painful 2. Finger foods are eaten. ex lettuce, corn, fruit, carrots and stuff so Catfood will want to eat 3. to calcium. This is important because the lack of calcium is that causes this. a good source of calcium cuttlebones sold in local petstore. MBD is easy to prevent, but may very difficult to treat successfully. When you want to buy a pet, it is best to carefully research the proper care early. This would avoid serious health problems such as metabolic bone disease. I hope help and I hope you feel better turtle geometry is the water

Green Terror Babies – 1 month old

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