Spill Clean

By · Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Spill Clean

Spill clean – 6 reasons why you should not use Clay

The use of clay for the spill cleanup is both healthy and unwieldy. Mats absorbent and absorbent socks are much higher for the cleanup of spills and here are six good reasons why.

There are many products on the industrial market spillages.Absorbent industrial mats, socks and loose material products are much safer and cleaner to use clay granules for leaks and spills workplace.Clay in the granules is normally considered a cheap way of managing cleaning spills and leaks, however, proved to be impractical, since they are more messy, dusty and heavier than the spill absorbent products more available in the market. Absorbent mats, absorbent socks, absorbent materials single issues become more efficient alternatives for the acquisition, handling and cleanup of spills and leaks serious, and help you save time and money in labor and costs material. The disadvantages of using clay granules for spills of workplace below:

1. Absorption capacity Zero

Clay granules did not really absorb anything, just are filled with liquid that seeps through time, producing even more of a mess cleanup of an oil spill. You end up having to use more clay and spend more time and money in cleaning up spills she really needed. Although clay is considered the cheaper alternative, actually save costs by using alternatives such as Loose absorbents, absorbent mats, absorbent socks. Several adsorbents the market absorb up to 3 times more than clay which means they consume less and spend less time and money on cleaning. Some alternative products to loose materials, such as absorbent mats soak up to ten times its own weight – Only five super-absorbent pads can do the job of 6.6 kg of clay, that is, their material costs considerably reduced and cleaning is easier.

2. Unwieldy

The standard bag of dirt weighs between 18-22kg so it is very Heavy y. Clean spills should be as simple and fast as possible, but when using the clay more time is spent on management, since it is heavier and takes more time to transfer the spill. Sometimes the bag does not bear the weight of the clay and can rupture causing even more of a mess to clean up an oil spill. Many bags loose material on the market weigh only 8 kg per bag, much lighter than a bag of 22 kg of clay. As an alternative to loose pads, boxes Mats absorbent and absorbent stockings come in various deposit boxes clean so that you can choose what you require, without lifting the whole box. It also saves on costs elimination as it will only use the amount of absorbent absorbent mats and socks that you require.

3. The clay is abrasive

Clay granules are made of hard particles that can damage sensitive parts of the machine and floor of zero. You could end up spending more money, because exchanging machines sand particles can reach into machinery and equipment outlets around induces premature wear. The use of absorbent products, such as mats, sand-like particles released not ensure that this does not happen. Industrial absorbents will not damage the equipment and tackle leakage and spill cleanup.

4. Produce a mess and difficult to clean

Leak and spill cleanup should be easy to implement, however, ends with the clay still more of a mess it is more difficult to fix. Labor costs are rising because they just have to use more clay granules to absorb the spill, as the clay does not have the absorptive capacity, and spend more time cleaning. Clay joins the shoe which means you can get a follow through your site or the office if the spill area is not closed. Unlike clay that can be dragged across your facility that also entails a risk of slipping and falling Absorbent mats, absorbent socks can effectively seal a region spill control spills. Loose Absorbents alternatives on the market absorbs the second time touch the liquid so that the use just what you need and the time spent cleaning is considerably lower.

5. A health risk

Yields Clay harmful silica dust waste, which is dispersed in the air in your facility and can cause chronic lung damage. This can reduce productivity levels staff does not feel good, moreover, can cost more in the long term due to health concerns of staff. Some alternatives loose in the market for creating pollution very little dust and silica contain zero. Alternatives to loose absorbents such as absorbent mats do not produce any residual toxic dust that makes them much healthier and safer to use for cleaning the spill.

6. Disposal is expensive and time consuming

Because the clay is really complicated it is Working long hours sweeping and shovel. Clay can not be burned to make the provision more difficult. Some loose absorbent in the market to burn less than 5% content ash: clay does not burn the leaves and more than 90% ash. Messy clay has to be swept and shoveled into containers of alternatives while loose material as absorbent mats need only be collected and disposed of when fully saturated. Simple and effective cleaning of spills.

Still need help? If you want to learn more about Absorbent socks and their applications for safety, New Pig Ltd based in the UK manufacture a wide range of spill kits and spillage products for industrial and commercial applications. They can be contacted via their website at http://www.newpig.co.uk or by telephone on 0800 919 900.

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