Spirulina Flake

By · Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Spirulina Flake

Many mistakenly believe that the clownfish are herbivores and should be fed with pellets derived from plants and vegetables. Indeed, clownfish are omnivores and require meat and vegetables in your diet. In its selection of what to feed a clown fish, make sure you choose vitamin-rich grains.

In open waters, fish clown eat whenever they can. They feed on tiny shrimp, algae, zooplankton and copepods. In winter, the natural diet contains more plant material and in the summer, their diet consists mainly of proteins in the matter of the flesh. Clownfish have a characteristic of food when the opportunity presents itself and thus have a innate instinct to horde food automatically. They are unable to travel far from their host without running the risk of becoming food anemone, well, and therefore need to approach them food. Furthermore, also incorporated an instinct to protect and feed the anemone host. Because of these instincts, the clown fish eat little bits and pieces of food and have larger pieces that can not eat a bite of its host anemone for storage anemone or eat too.

What to feed a clown fish depend on their availability. They eat a varied diet and continuous if your schedule does not allow nutritious food to feed them during the day, will have to feed clownfish very nutritious food regularly.

In deciding what to feed a clown fish you may want to consider feeding saturation. This requires that the food court or in bite sized pieces small enough soil for clown fish to eat in one bite. You know the food is small enough when the clownfish do not spit. Some pieces fall into the aquarium and to the clownfish time to eat the food before offering more. They tend to store extra food to the cause of your tank becomes contaminated, so a little at a time is best.

Continuing decline in food for the fish until it starts to spit some. This is when you know you have fed the fish at the point of saturation.

You will that feed your clown fish with a varied diet of shrimp, Ocean Nutrition frozen formula one and two, Cyclop-eeze, a combination of spirulina flakes, shrimp table, clams, scallops and Selco. One of the commodities in the diet of brine shrimp clown fish that tastes extremely delicious for them. This tastes very delicious for them. Sure that in making their decision about what to feed a clownfish to strengthen what you choose to feed them with vitamins.

Aside from what to feed a clownfish, another concern would be when you feed him. Once a day is fine, as long as you feed them to the point of saturation. This is sufficient to maintain their health at optimum levels and at the same time maintain a clean aquarium. Feeding them to saturation of high quality food will allow you to jump days if needed, which gives great comfort.

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