Sponge Bio

By · Monday, January 11th, 2010

Sponge Bio
White skin on my tetra bio sponge?

I have a hang up on internal environment Tetra filter for a tank with 40 gallons in a 20 gallon tank. You sponge bio. I cleaned the tank completely and put water back into the same and 1 goldfish ryukin. I put all the right chemicals in it, the layer of stress, dechloriniser to get rid of chlorine, and a chemist to help beneficial bacteria grow in bio bio sponge and into the tank. Now my question is, after 2 weeks, my tank still has crystal clear waters, colorful fish is healthy, the water does not smell like ammonia wrong, but the filter should be doing their job. ? is, what the hell is THINGS LOOKING WHITE FUR this growing in !!!??? BIO SPONGE seems that white skin, you know like an animal. The fish is not dead, so it should not be a bad thing, RIGHT?! Please Answer!

probably, mold, wash with water.

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