Stand Fish

By · Monday, September 21st, 2009

Stand Fish
The cylinder filling gallon of water for fish tank. It stand for 24 hours. Can I stop or not?

I drained 1 / 3 of tank water and the addition of new water.

HI Nana, by steeping the water or the "age" of 24 hours is better to keep it open to air and moves with a airstones small or at least turn on the water every few hours to prevent this rancid will be very difficult if you have several gallon bottles, however, is possible as you will need an extra bottle so you can rotate them periodically. Best to get a plastic container like a Rubbermaid tub or a storage box, but make sure it is food grade plastic [to recycle 5 in a triangle mark I]. If you use these containers larger than a good idea to cover with a 'breathable' cover such as compensation or the lid slightly askew to prevent dust on the surface. If you are adding to their water dechlorinator needs to secure its supply of water only contains chlorine which evaporates at this time. If it contains chloramine dechlorinator is essential then that the ammonia content stays locked in water for weeks and is poisonous to aquatic life. You can check this on the website of your local water company.

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