How Would You Like To Start Breeding Betta Fish?

By · Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Breeding betta fish can be a huge commitment, so you should only try to do it if you know that you have the time and the patience to do it. Betta fish need constant care and attention when it comes to breeding them, and because they fight this can make it even more difficult, but there are a few tips that you can follow in order to help you to successfully begin breeding betta fish.

#1 to begin with you need a male betta fish and a female. This might sound easy, but female betta fish can be quite difficult to come by and most pet stores will only stock the males because they are more flamboyant in color. However, you can search on the internet for a female betta and you can also ask in your local fish store if they do not stock female betta’s then they might be able to tell you where you can get one from.

Once you have found your female betta fish, you should put her into a separate aquarium and the next stage in breeding betta fish is to begin by feeding both of the fish some good quality fish food. If they are given a good healthy diet then the female will be able to produce more eggs. You could try feeding the fish some live worms but remember never to over feed your fish because it will foul the water. Once you begin to feed the fish, you will begin to notice a few changed in their behavior.

The male betta with begin to build a bubble nest and the female betta will begin to look a lot plumper and with some of the more paler varieties you might even be able to see the eggs inside of her belly! When you have noticed these two changes in your fish, then it is time to begin breeding betta fish. You need to put aside at least an hour so that you can supervise the breeding, you should never put them together and leave them to it.
When breeding betta fish you should expect the female betta fish to get quite bruised and battered around and this is why you need to supervise the breeding process and make sure to fish her out of the tank if she doesn’t approve of his aggression and you should give her time to recover before you try again.

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