Sterilizer Built

By · Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Sterilizer Built
How to build a waterfall in my koi pond?

i hi! have a koi pond approximately 2500 liters. i built in September 2008 and I'm 15 years). I've been using a filter from the dam because it had no time to build a waterfall before school started: (. I have at least 20 feet (all together), extra line and I have 4 pallets of rock. There is also a pond behind a hill where the construction of the cascade im andthat'ss. I want the waterfall beroughlyy 3.6 feetLongf and a couple of feet wide. I really need help on toSett up andbuildd it. theeasiestt nothing to do but is projected to as a "slip and slide" outside of the curved line of the sides, but would thatdefeatss the purposebecausee horrible! I really need to know hot to build correctly. Furthermore, my pump is 2600 GPH. as it passes through the filter and everything else the LPH out the waterfall is much less correct? 4000 is a tetra pond pressurizedfilterr with UV sterilizer. i really need help! thanksx much!

Sounds like a great project! The first thing to check is the pump. Find the specifications and determine which are leading LPH what "." As the pump has to pump up as it will reduce the LPH. In a pond, to my knowledge they had to replace the pump because I could not handle the height of the waterfall and still put enough GPH. 2. Are you going to stick the stones together or leave them loose? If you're stuck you need to find what is sure use and what is available. If you have a lot of small rocks may have to think about consolidating together. If you have large rocks might get away with a series of steps. 3. Either way you are going to be from the bottom because water runs downhill and want to go from top to bottom rocks. 4. Probably, this should go before, but it must have an idea of the look you want to achieve. You put your liner under the rocks across a land roughly in shape. Try putting together dry and run a little water on it. Play around with it to get the look and sound that you like.

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