Sterilizer Replacement

By · Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Sterilizer Replacement
I have a UV sterilizer thats not working …?

I have an AA-24 watt aquarium ultraviolet sterilizer and red LED light box so check out we make the replacement light bulb, but he never returned and not in the clarification of water. all plugs are firm. Can anyone help? Where is the fuse?

Whatever you do never stare at the UV bulb, and could easily damage your eyesight. The first thing to do is examine the wiring for any sign of damage and check the fuse, also ensure that the unit has not come into contact or has been submerged in water. Then, read the instructions and see if there is anything in solving problems. If you can not recitify the problem yourself then I would contact the manufacturer. Edit: The fuse is located on the plug, need a screwdriver to access this.

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