Submersible Heaters

By · Friday, April 24th, 2009

Submersible Heaters
Which is better? These fish tank heaters btn?

I want to make a heater for my tank 30 gallon long fish. I intend to keep tropical fish and live plants. I just want to know which heater should I invest? In fact I have already requested the hood that will feature two 60-watt lights. The heater I want to know is the one hanging btn regular and waterproof one …. I guess I'll have to get one for 150 watts, but I'm not sure which is better?

If you just decide between the submersible or not, I would go with the submersible. You can put low enough in the tank you do not have to worry that the statement water and broken during the change of water if you forget to disconnect, and is sealed, so it should not have to worry about water leaks if it falls into the tank by accident. Another thing you might consider for a time deposit is to get two 75-watt heaters instead, and put them at the same temperature (if adjustable). This will give more uniform heat throughout the tank, you will have a temporary backup if one fails, and if it fails in the "on" position, the less power is less likely to overheat the tank to a point of the fish will die (a thermometer is a good idea to check the temperature of your regularly!).

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