Submersible Pond

By · Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Submersible Pond
It's a garden outside or better submersible pump for a pond that is 12×12 and 3 feet deep?

I will have a bottom drain, skimmer and cascade filter? External pumps are high? Thanks

External pumps are not really as strong as ever to do simple maintenance on them from time to when, in other words, do not expect Break It Down, hold maintained by what is not broken. But, do not run the pump to drain thoroughly. Let gravity drainage of pond, otherwise you suck a lot of dirt in the pump and filter system. I would go with the pump outside the pond, can easily hide behind some kind of facade. And it's just easier to maintain. Once you have your little cold ecosystem that is balanced when all wish to not reach the cloud water and everything to get the bomb. Always good to get some mud on the bottom of the lagoon, where all the bacteria live and eat all the waste of all that live in the pond. It's a fun thing to have. Also, a word of advice. Do not get the entire pool three feet deep. Make it so that the levels are varied. However, making the deepest part 3 meters deep. The creatures have decided to their new home thank you for that.

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