Sump Return

By · Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Sump Return
help with trying to make a sink?

I'm trying to make a sump for my 90 liter tank i saltwater already have the 20 gallon tank of a hose to drain the crankcase of a return hose unit purigen mag 500 pump and a lot of bioballs so I do not know what use to suspend the bioballs on the waterline in the sump. Oh, and it is not the only means of Filteration in the tank I already have a Fluval 405 filter bottle, a Marineland 260 filter bottle and an emperor 400 i Powerfilter sink just want to add the extra burden of biological and water any more moves help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Eggcrate Using the Home Depot or Lowe (actually any hardware store). Should be maintained with lights. Cut 2 pieces the width and height of the sink. Cut 2 pieces of desired width for bio-camera. Place a piece of the first two a few inches above the bottom: ll. Zip ties can be used, but silicone (aquarium safe! pet store should have some) is the best bet. Fill your house with bio-balls. Add filter pads (I use a regular pillow on top, and a polishing pad under it) at the top. Now you have to find a way to attach the sump overflow. I used a solid piece of plastic (accrylic, in my case), that cut and silicone together so that sits right over the 2 sides Eggcrate walls. I cut a hole for a bulkhead, and connected to the center of the lid plastic. Then installed a PVC elbow and a small length of pipe. Connect the 3 "pipe or less up to the elbow and elbow to closing. Slide the hose overflow onto the PVC and attach with a hose clamp. The Eggcrate works well in many applications, from shirts, separators, sump engineering. I tried to be very detailed, this configuration has worked for me in a 55 gallon tank with 30 gallon sump in the last 3 years. Make sure all hoses and fittings are well secured. Look into possible problems of power cut, and install valves where necessary.

DIY PVC OverFlow / Sump / Return Spraybar

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