Sump Wet

By · Friday, July 17th, 2009

Sump Wet

According to recent surveys, over 85% of homes with basements will experience some type of wet soil problems in your life. Installing a sump pump in the basement can be a great benefit, even if only to keep the water from getting deep or to act as a drain in the floor.

What to Buy

The sump pumps are generally sold according to the rated power of the pump motor. You will see ¼ horsepower, 1 / 3 horsepower pumps horses available power and a half. Although the power of the pump is a good "test" used to determine what size pump to buy, more precisely is to look at the GPH or gallons per hour that the unit is capable of pumping. For example, you will find ½ horsepower sump pumps that can pump 3,000 gallons per hour and pumps can also see other ½ horsepower, which are capable of pumping over 7,500 gallons per hour. As you can see, the horsepower is not very accurate in determining what size pump to buy. Overall, I like to buy a larger pump than necessary because it usually takes much longer, since it does not work so hard.

Choose a pump with a reliable switch. The switch is very important because it tells the pump when it is turned off and when. There are several types of switches available on pumps. Some of the different types of switches is called "2 pole switch," "mercury switch" and "changing the diaphragm. I only buy pumps that have a 2-pole switch. They have proven the most reliable over time. After all, What good is a sump pump if you do not turn on?

Gully Wells

A sump is a container under the floor level where it is pump installed. You will be able to buy a 20 gallon to 30 gallon sump and that improvement store home, in the plumbing section. Many people choose by a small 5-gallon bucket, do not! Your pump burned very quickly because it is turning on and off too, because you can only pump a small amount of water every time it runs.


You need to rent an electric jackhammer to break a hole in the basement floor concrete. Have a little shovel when you rent the jackhammer. The spade bit to make quick work of digging the hole where you can install the sump well. The lip Well that is the housing and the cover should be installed slightly below the surface of the basement floor. This will allow your well and sump pump to act as a very good drainage in soil in case of a water pipe, hot water tank leaking, etc. You have to buy a bag of cement to re-sand mixture cement, the surface of all the good and the collector of concrete.

Most pumps are equipped with 1 ¼ "threaded connection for PVC pipe. Get an adapter that converts a 1 ½ "schedule 40 pipe. 1 ½" schedule 40 pipe is more universal and easier to find accessories for. Then you want to attach a valve to the pipe. The check valve prevents water already pumped through the pipeline drain down into the sump well when the pump shuts off. It is easily connected with rubber boots and a screwdriver.

Be sure to use a pipe cleaner before gluing your pipe fittings together. The pipe cleaner actually softens the plastic and allows the tube of glue to attach better. Check with instructions on the glue can about how long to wait before pumping water through the newly glued connections.

Plug sump pump directly to a grounded electrical outlet. Do not use an extension cord because it will shorten the life of your pump. The outlet should be on a switch that is suitable pump size. Your electrical outlet should be on its own dedicated circuit breaker to prevent other electrical connections from overloading your breaker.


Installing a sump pump can be very easy DIY project with some great benefits. By doing it yourself, you may actually save some money and provide excellent protection for your basement and its contents.

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