Surface Skimmer

By · Monday, January 11th, 2010

Surface Skimmer

When it comes to fish pond, koi are so beautiful and graceful as any we've seen before. Koi are very smart and very tame fish held in the years. With good care, lots of love, a lifetime is in the region of 25 to 35 years easily. They have some special care, but if you put in time, that literally can enjoy these fish in his pond for decades.

Koi need a lot of oxygen in the water. If you have any desire to keep your fish for decades have to invest in high quality filtration system. These biological filters process all the dirty water and natural waste to clean water. It goes without saying that a big fish you need a large pond.

As with most fish that can grow much, if kept in an area little will remain small. To really have a good size for your Koi pond should have somewhere around 500 gallons of water. It should also be more two meters deep. This is vital to keep the birds and wildlife to get so easily. Also make sure that the pond has walls, so that predators can not reach the fish.

It is also important to take measures to prevent disease in your Koi. One of the main causes of fish kills is stress. You have to change a little water on a regular basis. You need to use a test kit at least once a season. / Check PH levels. It is a fact that low pH levels, leading to low oxygen in the water. Not good for fish. It is also necessary to inspect for water hardness. The levels of ammonia and nitrate must be zero in their pond. The higher the pH level, the more toxic it becomes water for your Koi.

If you have a surface skimmer, which are good for removing objects from the lagoon should not be there. If you did not know, Koi are omnivorous. This simply means that eat the plants and animals. In addition, these fish are also very fond of fruit, like oranges, watermelons and lemons. Clean them really well and remove the skins. Court into small pieces and feed. These fish will also eat catfish chow, bread, lettuce, earth worms, krill, trout chow and fresh shrimp.

Koi is a beautiful fish that will take many years of peace and tranquility to your backyard pond. To make this happen, you should follow all necessary procedures for ensure that fish have a fighting chance for survival. It takes patience and determination, but can be done and your reward will be great, if only it may stick to your convictions.

Having a Koi pond in your backyard is something special to be proud. It is not an easy process to make it a success. But all the world if it were easy it would be doing. It takes special people to care for the special fish.

Plan of the fish pond and garden. Follow all procedures of the note. Be consistent. If you can do this, really enjoy the Koi pond for decades with his family and friends.

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