System Aquarium

By · Thursday, April 9th, 2009

System Aquarium
Qualification of the practice of temperature control valve for the system of automatic water change aquarium?

Ok, I need to find laboratory grade temperature control valve that can keep water flowing through it at 80 degrees with a precision of less than average grade. I'm building an automated water change, and this is the only party that can not find. Does anyone know where I can find one? It should also be able to take a fairly large flow, as the tank is 220 gallons.

All I can think of is try a plumbing supply center. Its kind of thing that a central of home heating could use Unfortunately I can not be more specific – wrong continent! Push All my water supply systems use 'setting' plastic plumbing pipe that goes from my ro unit to make changes in a series of open water taps and sewer drains out directly after filling by reversing the flow so that the unit water ro goes directly into the tank. add minerals or nutrients through my filtration systems. It was a nightmare to create, but especially now that I have recently had a stroke that makes life a lot easier to do water changes. My main tank is about of 300imp gallon, and do not think I manage to carry buckets enough without falling down several times to make changes without water pipe

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