Tank Aquarium

By · Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Tank Aquarium
How can I make a water filter at home for my fish tank / aquarium?

I want to make a water filter for my fish tank i have freshwater fish

Not exactly what you want to do this, but it is quite easy, and the results of a great job. There are two versions you could make a filter sponge or box filter. Actually this is more of an advertisement here, but here goes. To make a sponge filter, which provides biological Filteration GREAT need some form of rigid tubes, 1 / 2 inch and the size of the airline. You also need a couple 1 / 2 inch elbows, some foam and a drill. The sponge should not be the kind you buy at the grocery store or target for cleanup. These sponges are treated with chemicals that will kill the fish. The fish store could present a bit of sponge or you can go to the hardware store, look at the open cell foam. About a block of 4 to 6 inches is enough. Drill small holes all the way around a 3 inch piece of pipe from 1 / 2 inch rigid, the more the better. Cut the end so that comes to a sharp point. Push the tube in the middle of the foam leaving a stickin 1 / 4 inch out. Place the elbow to the end and then a rigid length of 1 / 2 inch pipe for the lifting tube. Take the time to approach the top of the tank, but still Sumberg. If you want to get fancy you can use a 5 / 8 piece on top to create a version adjustiable. A small hole, barely large enough to pass air through rigid pipes in an elbow joint. Align the hole for the little tubes can go directly through the hole. Place the elbow to the top of the lift order to pass the pipe to the elbow plane background. Attach flexible company in the top and you have a house made of sponge filter. For a filter box, use a Tupperware box of disposable and happy. Workshop is better than the short term. You will have the top two boxes to do this. Place a 1 / 2 inch pieces of pipe on facing each other at the bottom of the box. Use silicon to secure sealent the sides. Carefully cut one of the glasses to a size that fit in the sungly lower container, on top of the separators just stuck. Cut slits of many in the bottom of the box. They make them big enough that water should flow easily, but not through the fish. Make sure that all slots are below the level of the top that has been placed in the box. Cut additional slots, again is better, at the top you''ve settled down. These have to be small enough that the filter does not fall through. Take the second top and cut a 1 / 4 inch diameter hole in it, place it on top of the box and set down. Take a piece of 1 / 4 inches and insert a tube where it sits on the fence at the bottom of the box. Mark the line where it passes the top of the box and pull it. Seal the end with a cap and drill as many holes as you can up the line where would the filter. Remove the top and fill with a little glass wool and Charcol, place the tube to raise again and seal the box. Put a line of air through the tube and has a home made box filter. Of course, you also can buy both for less than $ 7.00 at most fish stores. But if you want to make your own. These are very cheap and very effective.

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