Tank Canister

By · Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Tank Canister
1990 Dodge pickup in the gas tank is a container to the float and the pump are, what's it called?

I need this mine collapsed when removed of the tank to replace the pump

The magnitude of the fuel pump this year is an interesting device. It consists of a top half (set to the top of the tank, has fuel and vapor / electrical connections), the lower half (consisting of a plastic fuel tank with engine fuel pump) and the elastic center. Spring is really the engine return line and is used to connect the top to the bottom. Fuel Rate of return fuel tank at the bottom … provided you can reconnect the two halves together. The bottom half is the work of the fuel module, including the unit level. Just spend a little time (in an area ventillated) become familiar with how the spring / links back to the lower half of plastic. No capture points scattered in the bottom half to find the top down. The tank itself has a search engine to index the entire assembly. Provided that they remain the screws (used to maintain the return line to the tank bottom / unit), installation should be pretty self explanatory … except for the engineer would be somthing this ridiculous, for starters. No smoking. Ever.

Shotgun Tank Round – XM1028 120mm Canister Tank Cartridge

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