Tank Display

By · Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Tank Display
How artificial coral is widely used in display tanks in large public aquariums?

Normally, the coral is a part ecosystem, and was chosen specifically for that purpose. I can not speak for all aquariums, but I know a guy who owns a local store of aquatic creatures, and when I had my tank for the appointment, he was telling me about the importance of coral reefs as part of the ecosystem. For example, certain herbs help oxygenate the water. He even showed me a filter system and pumpless who was a tank of seagrasses and corals. Each piece in this example was selected based on their properties to comply a particular function. Aquariums are a closed system and therefore coral needs to be carefully considered. I am sure that if a piece and a very ugly piece properties similar, however, that the piece would be more attractive in the aquarium, however.

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