Tank Gravel

By · Monday, October 12th, 2009

Tank Gravel
Seeding a tank with an old filter and gravel. Can I use pure ammonia as well?

I have a 6 gallon tank that I am creating a betta and neon tetras. I want to speed the process of cycling a tank extablished filter, gravel and ornaments of age. I would also add pure ammonia instead of using fish feed. How do I use pure ammonia? How much? and how often? Do you know how quickly this tank cycle? thanks!

Well, I did too, because only with fish food. I say put a limit on the total per day and keep monitoring the levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels and completed a cycle really fast! It uses live bacteria and bacteria-laden gravel good and "feed" the tank every day by bike in 4 days!

Tips for Keeping Fish and Maintaining an Aquarium : Fish Tank Gravel

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