Tank Marine

By · Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Tank Marine

One of the most beloved of the types of marine aquarium fish are formed by the great family of surgeons. They are regarded as bigger than your average fish with the smaller members reach a length of seven to eight inches. Larger species can reach lengths surgeon with more than 3 feet in nature. Are caught worldwide in tropical seas and are some of the most colorful fish in nature. Acanthuridae is the family name, which means spine of the tail, in allusion to the small leaf near the tail fin.

Two members of a family of surgeons to do some of the most recognizable aquarium fish in the saltwater hobby. You can find stickers, magazines, billboards and the wide range of other products. They are yellow Tang, along with the blue tang.

Due to its large size aquariums require no smaller than 100 liters of water to the smaller species surgeon. The larger tanks of 150 gallons or larger It requires that the home of the largest species of the family.

They have specialized mouth that is easily understood and wear of the algae. As such, they spend much of their time grazing algae in nature. These big schools are not limited to a single species, but can have up to two pasture species. While most expensive they can cost thousands of dollars, the cheapest are the species usually in supporting under $ 30.

Do not consume the coral and reefs are considered insurance. This fact only adds to its popularity within the hobby. There is difficulty in getting a few species to feed in captivity, such as the Achilles tang.

But mostly, the surgeon can be trained to consume a wide variety of meat, leaves and food pellets. Because they are primarily herbivores, should be given plenty vegetables every day to ensure proper health.

Surgeon are known to be susceptible to marine ich and erosion of the lateral line. The appropriate measures quarantine are necessary to ensure the sample does not introduce any parasites in the main display tank.

While Surgeonfish are extremely popular among Marine Aquarium Fish, they are not for everyone as only those with larger aquariums can provide the space needed by this large free roaming fish.

Dangerous marine tank aquarium

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