Tank Multi

By · Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Tank Multi
Can I have a tank that only has a light blue actinic?

Hello I am starting a reef tank and I have a 20 gallon, i plan on purchase much more straightforward rock and slowly adding in it, i dont plan to buy fish at least 2 months. who has been cycling for 4 days for the information thats my Delux I have a bell that has a point of light. (24 ") I like the way actinic blue lights Now, if I were to replace the lamp with a light actinic blue 24-inch, it would be possible? or be detrimental to those with only blue light, my room is naturally bright during the day and not having the sun directly in my tank. I know to do multiple light bells and the cheapest I saw was $ 89. but if only I could get the blue "is OK? i do plan to have some coral, and some clown fish i guess. Oh, and while I'm asking is easier to add salt water plants? a tank of the bike. thanks for looking at this down the road.

A 50/50 light would be best for you. I know sells Coralife 24 "50/50 Actinic Blue and Fluorscent 65 watts of light, as I in my freshwater aquarium. (My fish kept hidden under my complete plants under fluorescent lighting). It would provide enough light for plants, since they use either red, blue and green light to a degree photsynthesis actinic blue and coral for your future, you will need. You can get for about $ 55 – $ 65 including shipping (which is on sale now) Big Al's. Replacement lamps cost $ 44.99 at PetSmart stores. Also, if you get, I recommend getting a package retention of the silicone band, which is located on the second link. Carried out due to heat and was lucky to have local petstore that led to them. It is uncertain whther add plants to an aquarium cycling. Some think they will compete for nutrients with bacteria in cycling, while others believe that bear the burden until he has wasted of enough bacteria to handle. http://www.bigalsonline.com/StoreCatalog/ctl3684/cp18369/si1383402/cl1/coralife_24_aqualight_power_compact_strip_light_1x65watt?&path=c3684-def-USD-16695% 23% 23-1% 23% 23-1% 7E 7Eq636f72616c696665%%% 7E 7Enc3684-DEF-USD-18356% 23% 23E% 23% 235L & query = & offset = Coralife http://www.bigalsonline.com/ StoreCatalog/ctl3684/cp18362/si1383412/cl1/coralife_aqualight_silicone_retaining_bands? & path = c3684-def -USD-16695% 23% 23-1% 23% 23-1% 7E% 7E% 7Eq636f72616c696665% 7Enc3684-DEF-USD-18356% 23% 23E% 23% 235L & query = Coralife + Bands & queryType = 0 & offset =

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