Tank Ornament

By · Monday, October 26th, 2009

Tank Ornament
What are the things growing in my aquarium?

They grow as stems, are united in the glass and ornaments in the tank. They are brown, and are about 1 inch long, look like a stem with very fine hair like follicles that grow from the top of the stem that moves with running water, as if things were getting from the water. They are all shaped the same way

I will assume that this is a saltwater tank. If so, are bristle worms. The tubes they are seeing are decks built to protect themselves. The "hair thin" fans who are seeing is part of the worm that does not take food from the water for them. They are usually harmless and mean your tank is in good shape. As to how it got there usually hitch rides on the rock. If it's a tank Fresh water also has a freshwater version, but do not know much about them or what their pronouncements about their water quality.


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