Tank Pet

By · Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Tank Pet
I am thinking of buying a small aquarium to buy fish for pets. How do I start?

I did have a pet fish before. What it needs to be organized and what kind of fish stays around long if you are healthy in a tank?

Welcome to the wonderful world of drainage, but the money fish keeping! well as a fan I suggest you go to buy the biggest tank you can afford, but most people start with 10-20 fish tank.be gallon purchase once warned that this tank to be used up to about 400 dollars.well first tank that I personally do prefer to buy a kit because it includes all you need a heater and filter + hood or the top as some call and lighting.now from my point of view of a 10 gallon tank is about $ 50 more or less a bit of money but I think a 20 gallon would be better than gravel is 70 decoration dollars.now recommended further must.the standard is about 2 kilos of sand per 1 gallon of water, but I like to use another i usually only use about 1 pound per bag of 25 gallons of gravel is about 12 bucks.now you need is the plants and many of them is real or plastic fine.okay should first clarify the gravel until everything is clean and add in tank.rinse Nice decor / plants and of how to add water ever please.than a good way to add water is to use a hose to fill your tank up.remember should be in a place without sunlight and should have a strong base.okay you need now is to use a water conditioner conditioner water pH 7 or what call is to ask your pet store to help you find a product which is both a conditioner and a pH setter.now wait 15 minutes and turn on the filter and heater.wait about 2 days and now run to the pet store to buy a fish known as zebra danios buy about 5 now the water should be 78-82 degree.now wait 6 weeks and go to your pet store asked what fish can go fish in your tank remember these instructions are specific tanks for freshwater fish freshwater salt also can help

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