Tank Tanks

By · Friday, August 21st, 2009

Tank Tanks

Turtles are considered good pets almost everywhere in the world. However, the care of pet turtles is a bit complex and special needs care and hard work. Turtles themselves are not very expensive, but accommodation can be expensive as some of the turtles have become large.

Ecology Pet Turtle:

Turtle species that are available as pets are generally terrestrial. Pet turtles can be housed either indoors and abroad. You can place your box turtle in his garden during the summer, but should keep them indoors when the temperature drops below 100 ° C. You can maintain two separate accommodation containers for different seasons.

Summer Tank:

You can build summer containers more great that you can afford. The turtle tank help to grow. We always try to build these tanks in the east direction so that the pet can warm up in the morning. The pet must place the area of sun, some shade, water and many dishes of food and hiding places. The drinking water dishes should not be so deep that it is difficult for the turtle to climb if you understand them.

Turtles are considered great climbers so you should not make any large pot or near enough to the walls under Closing of the turtles. Turtles Can climb vines or tomato plants to escape, so try to make the turtle tank outside of them.

Turtle love edible gardens, small hills of loose dirt and wood to crawl more. A top cover can also be used on the campus of pet turtles. This will protected from cats, dogs, birds and small children.

The turtle tank size should be minimum 100 cm x 200 cm (3 'x 6') for a turtle. You can add space proportional for all additional turtles. You can build the turtle tank using wooden boards. The pavers or bricks must established within the trunk turtle to prevent digging.

The tanks of winter:
Most tortoises are land animals. Usually, come from warmer parts of the world. The temperature of the atmosphere more suitable for these pets is about 20-30A ° C. This temperature can be easily achieved with the use of infrared heating lamps. A hiding place should also be there for the turtle.

Pet turtles should not be kept in turtle tanks for more than four to six months. With the increase in the size you need for more containers. Use the tanks of turtles that are made of plastic or wood. The plastic is always used for easy cleaning, while wood is used because it is easy to build tanks for the turtles same.

The size of the tanks of winter, the turtles should not be less than 100 cm x 200 cm (3 'x 6') for a turtle. The container must not see, because through his tortoise thrash same fanatically against the container walls.

You should also provide fresh, clean water for bathing, more dry land. So it is advisable to divide the tanks of turtles in two halves, with the aid of small stones or gravel. Normally, you should spend 50-60 gallons water for bathing. The turtle usually grow very large with a very reasonable speed so make sure that all accessories should be modified according to the change in the physical appearance of pets.


The baby turtle is a very sensitive child. Effort is required low and think to build your living space. One thing to ensure is that the turtles and fish should not be kept in the same tank.

Matthew Kepnes has been writing about how to care for turtles and choose the best turtle tank since he was a child and had a turtle of his own. You can visit his website to learn more about how to care for your pet turtle.

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