Test Strips

By · Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Test Strips
How are the LH test strips?

I ordered some test strips on eBay LH and arrived on Monday without instructions. I took a Mon nite as would a pregnancy test and got a positive result, then I took a sea and has a positive result, and only took one and has a positive, all lines are the same color. that every nite since Sun bded so I think my bases are covered, I'm ovulating just too long or what's going on?

LH is increasing evidence collected before ovulation. So when you get your positive test means that LH should ovulate within 48 hours. The peak LH is often hard to detect because it is usually only picked up within 24 hours. So if your getting 3 positive consecutive days you must have defective strips. I used the web page below. Perhaps the instructions can help. I will not stop new on eBay for something like this. Also, just released is there. I was TTC for 15 months. I have the package FertilAid men and women of this site and in 3 weeks preggers. Good luck and do not give up! ** Sorry, just read up on the LH surge from the link below under "instructions" They say you can get a positive result for 3 days! I'm a little rusty on the subject has been a while!

How to Make a Print in Photography : Making a Test Strip in a Darkroom

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