Tetra Jebo

By · Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Tetra Jebo
Why is my neon tetra so damn fat?

My tank is freshwater tropical "Jebo". It's a community tank with a good variety adapted several. During the last 2-3 months one of my, I can only describe as Hardy, Neon Tetras has become very very fat. At first I thought it was a pregnancy, but is now so fat that seems to be panting. He isn't eating food other fishs. A bursting. Looking for experienced people who know fish to respond. No points for stupid answers. Please dont guess. I can do that already. Yes, there are some raised scales. However, he is acting normally, aside from that. Sorry for the lack of complete information, I am a rookie.

You did not mention if the scales are raised or not, but could have an internal tumor. If there was a infection, then I would have gone downhill in the last couple of months. To ensure that there is food, try fasting him (which means that all fish, unless be separated) for a few days. You can also try an Epsom salt bath. Set a bowl of dechlorinated water and add a teaspoon per gallon Epsom salt (make sure only salt and no other ingredients). Water should be the same temperature and pH around the same as the main tank. Leave the tetra there for about ten minutes before its return to the main tank. A quarantine tank would be ideal but I'm not sure if you have one. If not, then at least turn off lights in the main tank when you put it back. The bathroom can be very stressful to fish but may be all you can do. The "gasping" I'm concerned, I like to have your water tested just in case something else going on.

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