Tetra Pond

By · Friday, January 9th, 2009

Tetra Pond

Creation of the lake means adding a variety of species, so it's color, contrast and admired by potential visitors. There are a variety of fish that can live in a pond, especially in North America. These can be found easily from exotic fish and toward the freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

To choose the right pond fish species, it is necessary to determine which species will be able to live in an aquarium during the winter months. This is a different problem, because most North American species that meet the habitat of the pond can not survive in an aquarium and used at low temperatures during winter. As a result, the best choice would be to create a pond with freshwater fish, which could also overwintering. This would also mean that the pond is active development of its activity during the winter, except for plants, it definitely has to be moved inside.

Some other varieties of North American species will be recommended for your pond: Catfish, Panfish, Perch, Muskie, Rainbow Trout, Small Mouth Bass and Big Mouth Bass, pike and salmon. They are not exotic fish, but they fit perfectly into the natural habitat created by the pond. Also, if you choose to have this kind of species, definitely have to abandon the idea of exotic plants. You could, however lily plant water with colorful flowers, because they are beautiful plants that create an elegant aristocratic vision in his pond.

Moreover, if you decide to create a water canopy the garden, ie an interior lake, you could definitely choose exotic fish species in North America as well as exotic species plant. That will adapt to the temperature of the lagoon, but you will be guaranteed the same temperature during the winter. Therefore, it would be advisable pond that is kept in a room that is widely used. These fish do not survive when the temperature is less than two degrees to ensure it will have a constant source of heat during the winter.

Some of the exotic fish in North America that could improve the quality of your pond are: Marble Veil Angelfish, Red Turquoise Discus Guppies and famous. Are specific to North American fish and very easy to find. However, you can also add to their types of exotic fish pond, compatible with those mentioned above. This would be: Hello! End swordtail and Purple Emperor Tetra. They are beautiful fish that can be found in different colors, along with Goldfish and Butterfly Peco. These are imported from China, but not much more expensive than North American fish. It would be advisable to have a variety of pond fish species inside the pond, because they all are compatible and can be associated with beautiful colored plants.

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