Tetra Tetramin

By · Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Tetra Tetramin

With so many different types and brands you ever wondered why the koi fish food is best? If you're like most people probably wonder what will provide the optimum nutritional value at the best price possible.

There are many different types of food you can feed your koi. In the diet, I prefer a food granules, mainly because it is easy to see how much fish to eat. You do not want to feed your koi more than consumed in a period of five minutes.

If you fall into the pond bottom and decompose. You do not want that to happen, it will be a waste of food (and money) and the dirty water of the pond.

As the number one factor in the koi health is water quality you want to make sure not to add to the load of organic waste by overeating! In addition to decomposition of food, if your koi in excess that will excrete more waste material, increasing the levels of ammonia in your pond.

I've recently been involved in the research by comparing several of the most popular brands of koi food. Research has shown that there are several brands of high quality food of koi fish with different nutritional benefits.

Hikari Koi food has always been the standard by which others are measured. They have been in business For over a hundred years and are totally committed to fresh, whole food nutritional support of a state of the latest research and development facility.

You can select a high quality, well balanced food koi fish of its economy, textiles and Gold varieties through their varieties of Saki Hikari, specially developed for breeders and Koi show.

I also like to have introduced a multi-station food so you do not have to be worry as much about changing food with temperature … is specially developed to be fed through all stations until the temperature drops below 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tetra is another brand that many fish owners acknowledge. Tetra has been in the business of food for fish over 50 years and were the first to introduce a floating fish food. called "TetraMin.

They have an excellent line of food and koi pond and also offer other fishery products.

A third brand that I saw during my research was Dainichi. Found to offer very high quality koi food too. They have a revolutionary process to encapsulate their foods with vitamins and minerals after it has passed through the cooking process so that the vital nutrients are not lost by the heating.

You may want to do some research of your own and check out information on some of the best brands in the industry koi fish food!

The author, Alan Deacon, is an expert koi enthusiast. For more great information about koi fish food visit Squidoo.com/Hikari-Koi


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