Tetramin Tropical

By · Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Tetramin Tropical
What fish should I get with these foods?

My friend recently gave me all this food for fish and wonder what kind of interest of fish I can get that eat them. I have experience in fish, so I know that most of the fish that eat the food …. but I wonder most of what I know all my options. I:-Tetra: TetraMin: Tropical Crisps (and flakes too)-Tetra: COLORBITS:-Wardley Tropical Granules: Shimp Pellets-Tetra: -Tetra Baby Shrimp: Hikari-Blood Worms: worms with blood-Wardley: Plankton-Nutrafin: Spirulina Algae Flake Food I want small and medium-sized fish that arn't too expensive … any suggestions?

1.All species of tropical fish species of tropical fish 2.The bottom feeders 3.Carnivorous as crayfish, Cory cats, the catfish. 6.Any fish 4.Any fish 5.Any fish 7.No idea1 sry! 8. Mollies Platys, other fish, such as vegetation, such as silver dollars! Ok, small size mean fish that are not expensive …. that's a long list! lol! There are dwarf gouramis, stay bout 3 inches tops, come in many different colors and are very resilient. They need a tank of at least 5 gallons. I have one on a 6 gallon tank. Rainbow Fish is another good choice, receiving … 5-6 inches and come in a variety of many people. Cory cats are kool! They are the little catfish that stay close to 3 inches and come in many colors! =)

Tetras doentes em 16/11/2009

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