Texas Holey

By · Friday, October 30th, 2009

Texas Holey
Where can I find Texas Holey rock near San Marcos, TX?

Looking for Texas Holey Rock (limestone) for my cichlid aquarium new. I live in San Marcos, Texas. Does anyone know of a local that I find myself? Perhaps in Austin? Or a cheap place to buy it by?

Squires …. these rocks are easy to find in nature …. kick around the hills, you'll find many rocks that have these holes, just laying around the hills … go kick in Gruene, there is a river through the center of the city, where you can walk and find these rocks, everything is limestone, and many have holes, some have a lot of holes … and the center is a nice bar … speaking of holes, which is as old as Texas, with very cold tea or a cold beer for the party, less bad …. This time of year, look at them carefully, some scorpions nested in some of the largest, where they have a cool and easy access in one of the rocks and niches under them … rocks can be soaked in a bucket of tap water to soften only the land and then washed with a scrub brush and a toothbrush old clean well …. can boil too, will not hurt em a bit .. and many are the only size to fit in a bread 8QT … are calcareous and closely resemble a "Swiss cheese", but different, lol, limestone recalcified they are .. formed during the years that this part of Texas and moves through the gas push rocks and, finally, the surface rocks too …. I've heard others refer to them as "holy" but that is exactly as you said "leaky" of gas bubbles …. yup, that are common to the hills around San Marcos, New Braunfels, Gruene, Austin, or outside the county closer to the west of the Comal and Travis really start rolling hills, these are everywhere … Sangiran drink wine and listen to Jerry Jeff Walker in the boom box, while forming a search mobile ',' Party "Lookin at the things …. I have done many times with friends …. now I'm in China, otherwise it would offer one in your front porch UT ya '(MAOIs) Cheers! … Texas, 50 …

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