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By · Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Thera Anti
My husband is at home sick, without insurance, any advice to make you feel better?

My husband is at home sick, I gave him Tylenol for the fever, Anti-nausea to vomiting, Thera-Flu, but looking at it makes you feel better. Have chills, vomiting and complaining of his body hurt. Is there anything else I can do. Oh, and I have tried sex, LOL he is not interested. ; (Advice please look miserable and keep your eyes watering, this is only a cold / flu? Symptoms: nasal congestion for 2 days, body pain for 3 days, fever since last night, since last night chills, sore throat this morning, the drainage from the eyes of about 2 days, vomiting since morning. What else can I expect? How can I help my husband?

1. Maybe you could find a clinic in your area that will take you for free, or at a discounted price. 2. or you can go to the hospital and see if you can make some type of payment plan. 3. may try to call a doctor and see if they can give advice over the phone that makes you feel better. I hope you can find a way help, and im sorry that our government sucks and can not help give people better health care options.

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