Therm Deluxe

By · Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Therm Deluxe

Water conditions can be greatly improved by planting a full tank, like ammonia nitrite and nitrate are some of the nutrients that plants consume. This helps balance the benefits of bacteria levels, so if there will be a ceiling to ensure that things are not too out of control. A fully planted tank also induce spawning, and that replicate their natural environment and also allow for hiding and spawning areas.

If you decide to keep the plants I want to start with an easy keep the plant in low light, such as water sprite, which grow like weeds very well, regardless of their setting (literally grow out of my tank if not prune). A fluorescent lamp to the left values in 8-12 hours a day should be enough to grow in most configurations, we will make a general guidance on how to start a planted aquarium in the coming weeks. However, I suggest that a minimum of maintenance and focus on everything Cichlid breeding.

Enjoy African Cichlids alkaline water conditions, South American cichlids are found in sewage exceptionally soft and acidic, while the cichlid America usually live in waters ranging from neutral to alkaline. If water is not suitable for breeding African cichlids can get Cichlid pH Buffer African stabilize aquarium pH to 8.5, and the condition of the water with elements found in their natural habitat. This may help, but usually not very necessary. However, South American cichlids for breeding is a bit more critical, especially for very sensitive fish like Discus.

Peat Moss is a good way to lower pH without using any organic dust or chemicals. Any garden store should have some place cheaper, simply wash and put something in a bag mesh or panty-hose and place it where the pad so that the filter is through waterpasses. If you do not want to use peat, sewage extract works just as However, it contains natural humic and tannic acids, creating an atmosphere with water conditions similar to the Amazon River. It is better to water chemistry, encourages the setting contributes to the process of incubation and dyes the water a brownish yellow color as the Amazon River, which is fine future.

Regular changes Water is essential for maintaining good water chemistry for cichlids breeding. How often and how much water to change is questionable. To do my tank fully planted 33% (1 / 3) of water changes every two to three weeks for a planted tank vaguely or not I would recommend weekly water changes. In Ultimately this is different for breeding cycles according to the species and each breeder has a different philosophy on water changes, so you can experience what works for you and your fish. I am a big advocate of Python siphon water, years ago I had to carry heavy buckets of water to change the water in my tanks, but this makes it incredibly easy and saves time and is an impressive investment.

A water heater to maintain constant temperature is essential for breeding cichlids. I prefer Visi-Therm Deluxe heaters as you can set the desired temperature and forget it. With age heaters and test error until you have the correct settings, but no longer needed. Pretty amazing how the team has become Aquarium in the last decade.

For more information visit my guide breeding cichlids.

I’m a fish breeder, you can visit my Cichlid breeding site.

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