Tom Aquarium

By · Monday, January 4th, 2010

Tom Aquarium
Did anyone ever have a mono pitch one or know anything?

Hi, I'm looking to get a Argentus Monodactylus and want to know more about it. Need Add salt to the aquarium and how difficult it is to care? Thanks for telling me about them and their experiences with them, Tom.

brackish fish are really cool and theres btw there is no difference other than fresh brackish and salt, you can find loads of information about them online, but I know I have a 5gal tank and only isn't going to work if you want to go for a bumblebee goby brackish going to be one of the only Edit: Miss Blue & Ruby too, yes they live in brackish water, but adults can be acclimated to full marine tanks, complete marine tank usually has a specific gravity of over 1024 (this isn't a rule set in stone, but in general) basically meaning if there was a monkey tank and wanted to go for salt water just slowly raise the SG with time

Tom’s aquarium

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