Trap Baby

By · Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Trap Baby

A crib is the furniture from your baby. Is the only issue in the world who intends to leave her baby alone for periods of time. That is why more to buy only cribs that are safer. Your baby's crib will also be the place where your child will spend most of the time. Cots are expected to be use until the child is two to three years old when the baby is ready to be sleeping in a real bed.

Standards for the manufacture of crib Baby has been working since 1973. Old cribs and therefore should be discarded in favor of new designs that meet safety standards. Parents are lavish when providing their children. And what is expected that parents want the best in the cradle of the baby. You can always opt to buy the most expensive crib and parents whenever they can afford to always do her best to keep their children what they think is best.

The best for your child does not necessarily mean the kind expensive as characteristics must have a back seat when it comes to safety. There are rules to be observed when selecting a baby crib.


The Consumers Product Safety Commission has mandatory safety standards and good baby crib manufacturer subjected to testing of each crib before it on the market. Any crib, then that is in circulation must have the stamp of approval of the mandatory standards.
All finishes, paints, stains, lacquers, etc., should be Lead Free. Baby love to bite and put in your mouth something like them. You do not want your baby chew on lead-containing materials.

Be alert for deformed bars slats and weak, as even the most expensive is subject to human error. This weight is not just the baby could be the cradle of support. You could be supported in it to pick up the child and his weight might break a track weak and could harm both you and your toddler.

Also avoid decorations that could trap your baby. Everything could be working well in the first months, but when the baby begins to grow and become active, decorations fantasy could harm the child.

Do not settle for inferior wood cribs. Less Timber might be cheaper but will not provide stability you may need. Remember that the crib that was passed and used from brother to brother? Cots are. Their children following might be using the same crib, and if not check a look at the stability, you know what usually happens.
Some of the mandatory standards for the design of the cradles to help you in your selection.

"The distances between the slats should be no more than 2 3 / 8 inches.

"The top of the fall of the sides in raised position must be at least 26 inches on support from the lowest position.

Drop-side must not be less than 9 inches above the mattress support.

"The size of the image must be at least 27 ¾ inches wide and 51 ¾ inches long.

It is always better to buy cribs months before the birth of your child. Cribs are not staples in many shops and when you have a crib particular in mind, the location of a particular baby crib could be difficult and time consuming.

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Trap baby

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