Trapdoor Snails

By · Monday, October 5th, 2009

Trapdoor Snails

The average person has no idea what Japanese Trapdoor snails are. But if you own a koi pond or other water garden, surely You've heard of one. They are a great help to a water gardener and koi pond owner.

Japanese Trapdoor snails are great addition to your water garden or koi pond. They travel through their plants and the bottom of your pond to eat algae and all the things you do not want in your garden. They're like little black vacuum remove sludge from your pond.

To have a real impact and be most effective, it is recommended that you have a snail for every three square feet of space pond.

Trapdoor snails are kept busy in the bottom of the pond to eat old, uneaten food and algae. If you have entered enough for your pond, can have a real and positive.

Not only koi pond owners love snails hatch for its ability to reduce algae, but are complementary safe for your pond because they do not lay eggs and produce many offspring to take over your pond or water garden. In fact, usually mate only twice a year and deliver their babies. The failure to lay eggs and produce a lot of baby snails is very attractive to the owner of the water garden.

If you note that the snails have babies born and you want to be sure they live to help maintain your pond, be sure to remove any that is immediately after birth. You should put these in an aquarium until they are over an inch long. Koi fish snails are just born to be a great gift.

Japanese Trapdoor snails are a wise investment for many water garden and koi pond owners.

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Trapdoor Snail being groomed by BlackMoor

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