Tree Plant

By · Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Tree Plant
I'm trying to find the best way to start a new plant in an existing plant trees.?

The plant or tree I'm trying to reproduce it's almost like a rubber tree, except the leaves are not as thick as one. I'm not sure what it is called. I rcvd 1 year ago and is doing well. However, with a little TLC now has at least 3 new leaves burst at any time. They (the leaves) start outstraight backbone then wrapped in a light outside wala the warehouses and the unrolling license. Roots showed the botttom 5 "so I simply covered with some dirt exists. Now even has a new member with about 10 leaves growing out of the area of mother earth. (which is what I was thinking of cutting and trying to grow) Do I cut and put in the water with a little plant food? or should do the same but on land, or ????? Thanks .. The tree is about 4 and 1 / 2 feet high and 4 feet widewell foilage. In Actually, there are 5 stems from the land that no one is fatter than 1 / 2 inch. The leaves are approx. 5 "x7" teardrop. Thanks again

Try to divide the roots to take one or two shoots with him in a great package. After dividing, do not try to do more to tease the roots or anything like that. Use enough water for transplanting to minimize the impact and you should be fine. I've done with many trees and shrubs.

plant a tree. write a book. create life.

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