Trumpet Snails

By · Friday, May 8th, 2009

Trumpet Snails
maylaysian trumpet snails?

hi you have these in a cold water set up, you think they do their work, How fast they reproduce, Ive got next 10 said they are excellent for doing their job, x

I have these in a catfish tank and Love 'em! It really helps to keep tank looks better. I never kept in nothing less than 70th, because it does not seem to do equally well in cold water. (Considering the name "Malaysia" I would prefer tropical temps) They reproduce very quickly in my tropical tank! Before long, ten will become hundreds – I would expect the rate of reproduction also decrease with cooler temps, though. You almost never see in the tank – which are active at night and spend the day hidden in the sand. Just do not use in a tank with loaches or blowers (the fish is eaten) or in a spawning tank (they eat fish eggs). I hear they also eat other snail eggs, so you can prevent other species of snails under control but I have not experienced myself. The good thing about these is that they will eat your live plants – they prefer what they can find in the gravel.

My Pet Trumpet Snail

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