Turbo Twist

By · Monday, August 31st, 2009

Turbo Twist

Why some people seem to "get all the breaks?" Why some people just seem to have their way of life smoother than the rest? The fact is that the "fate" of people, capitalizing on the move through life with a different attitude than most. Preparing for their "breaks" and develop habits that take advantage of good fortune. The adoption of these habits can improve your chances of success.

1. Risk Management

Risk Management – "Lucky" people make a clear distinction between risk and rashes, among a hunch informed and a vain hope. They know how to take calculated risks. They are constantly holding back information, based on a vault of knowledge to improve your intuition is. They know how harnessing knowledge at the right time, crack the code and implementation when it is most profitable. "Lucky" people from acts which seem bold, but informed hunches are playing with a clear sense of the probability of success. These people are determinants of risk they assume, to maximize your chance of success, strike.

2. Perspective

Turning problems into opportunities – "Lucky" people take a second look at other things I see just the first time. An angry banker demanded that Alexander Graham Bell to remove the "toy" from his office. "That toy was the phone. Sometimes, when life no longer seems the way it should be, learning to look a little more positive. In the greater scheme of things, there's always a silver lining.

3. The loss of management

Cut your losses – "Lucky" people know when to retreat, while "bad luck" people are often stubborn. Perhaps, out of ego or ignorance, I do not know when to cut their losses and change course. A popular trick in investing is to use the "stop loss" function, instead of bleeding to death. Knowing when to leave.

4. Network

Reaching the people – "Lucky" people are never too busy to meet people new and maintaining old acquaintances. They join clubs and organizations. Skillfully navigate the awkward silence when strangers are forced to sit around to wedding receptions. Never leave anyone out in the cold, you'll see how they instinctively extend their hands and start a conversation. These people talk and talk. These people are those that make you feel important. Basically, the network and are aware of the feelings of others. The head of a New York firm of executive search once declared, "Many of their prospects for top jobs, are simply people who have made themselves known to others."

5. Innovate

Face using creative persistence – Let's that "lucky" people have the determination to "top of their heads against the wall", but his margin victory, is in use that are resolved more efficiently by looking at the markets to discover. In the current market condition, where companies are seeking reduce costs, think about what that sales of innovative solutions that can offer? Successful people go beyond being persistent. Persist, with a twist. Again look at their results and review its strategy. Successful people, persistent use creatively. Successful people, the offer outside the box solutions.

6. It is time

Timing of the meeting right at the right time – "Lucky" people know sometimes the weather makes all difference. Knowing when the customer receives its approved budget can make or break. You do not want to wait a month, or worse, a year before their product was discussed in a an important budget meeting. Make things easy for your customer, do homework for them. Provide information, brochures, anything that can help them to influence their decisions. Now trust me, looking impressive in front of their heads without having to lift a finger, he'll be very grateful to you for it!

7. Intent

With the intention of winning – you see, the secrets of success are neither dark nor deep. Not exclude happy accident or unfortunate circumstance, but emphasized the intention. Being successful in life does not come by chance. To succeed in life, begins with the intention of winning and win. The intention, is the will. In the will, requires a considerable amount of effort, time and commitment. Perhaps this is one of the hardest lessons to understand why some people make it all look so easy. We see them enjoying the fruit and have no idea what it takes to plant and water the tree. Start sowing the seeds of today, and check your fruits have plants in the future.

Perrine Oh is a young and budding writer who is pursuing her CPA and launching a book on wealth management. Do drop her a comment if you like what she’s writing or you have something to share.

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