Two Little

By · Monday, December 28th, 2009

Two Little

Not long ago, a friend of mine use the three little pigs story on a blog. As we all know the story, I will not repeat, but I do remember that the wolf blew on the first two small homes and ate the pigs to pigs. The third pig built his house of bricks, so the wolf could not blow over. Later in the story the wolf tried to jump down the chimney and fell into boiling water instead of getting dinner.

In this story the pig boils water to kill the wolf's neck bottle of the fireplace, which has the power, a bit of it. It takes a lot of energy to boil water. But is this the real and effective energy model a pig conservative or Is it an energy hog? You see, the pig had been used one third of solar collectors to heat water, thus water to a boil can only have taken an extra energy instead of all the energy to carry the water from room temperature to a boil.

The pig waited until there was a crisis after the most inefficient uses of energy to boil water in the fireplace, used wood, natural gas is more efficient and you do not have to cut down the Forest to do well. I think we can show this as a bad example of energy use. There are easier ways to kill a wolf, and not wolf have become dinner Why waste a wolf in perfect condition.

Besides the two pigs in the parish, along with their homes offers another opportunity – to recycle materials power – Why waste those materials, as it could provide decent insulation material?

Those who proclaim to ecologists are often hypocritical, because the pig would have attacked third party to use brick as the power brick has to make, transport, mining and materials requires lots of water use (mostly brick), is messy. The brick house is finished in a deadly earthquake that could have crushed the pigs and their piglets at a future date, through the law of unintended consequences of a black swan event in an area not known for seismic disturbances.

By Therefore, the environmentalists and their movement have filed a lawsuit and prevented the EIR for the pig to build the brick house, first, if the pig built for all However, then the government would have broken down for the wolf. Thus, the pig would eat with his brothers. Consider this.

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