Under Gravel

By · Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Under Gravel
Can I turn off my air pump at night in a marine tank? I have an under gravel filter and a powerhead ..

How can I add A fish once a month, my tank is 6 months old ….. How often do you change the water …. 4 “ “ Why is my Yellow Tang touch on things if all my tests are ok (nitrate and things) is Click OK security in marine tanks?

First I want to ask why you want to convert the air pump out of the night? Personally, I think it's never a good idea to disable any component of your filtration system, but only for a few hours. If you ago, only decreased the overall benefits of the filtration system and in turn may lead to additional problems with water quality, and unecessarily so. If considers that 6 to 8 hours of sleep, which is also1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of the time. and is a significant amount. If noise is the reason why the former may ensure that there is vibrating against anything and make the noise louder verberate. If the session flat and clear of touching anything, then yoiu can simply wrap the pump in a cloth or hand towel, depending on their size and secure with a rubber band. As to wet the more noise than half of what it is without. You can move inside the tank stand if is outaside now. The speed at which you add the additional fish is not really a matter of time between adding a new fish. Is the size of fish you have and your tank, the temperament of his fish and ongoing support for new arrivals, and the degree of how well any new additions in general in captivity. Besides this, you should keep in the boi-load of your tank in particular. Its creation, however it is, has a maximum threshold of life that can withstand before it begins to crash and fail. You do not want to cross that threshold, and even remain under as much as possible. You should try to do monthly partial water chage af 25 to 30%. Of course, more is best for your fish. Make sure you mix the mixture of salt and water for at least 24 hours before replacing the water and removing it is also the same temperature. like water in the tank. Definitely sounds like your tank yellow or what has been called "ick" or "velvet". If the pin has white spots salt that is body size, is ick. Velvet shows how much smaller and a yellow gold dusting points. Yellow spikes are also prone to a parasite black spot called "pepper". Depending on the symptoms, properly handle and can be viewed online or check your workforce information to determine exactly what it is. Yellow spikes are sometimes called the Canary Island of the marine aquarium because if their is something wrong with your system, which will be the first fish to show signs of that there is. Tap water is not the best option, but you can use it. It is easier because the right of the key. However, it contains heavy metals and minerals contribute to the slime of algae and other undesirable things. If possible, the best water to use is reverse osmosis water. Is prefiltered to remove all contaminants and leave nothing, but H2O. I think I covered everything, hahaha. Good Luck

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