Unique Piece

By · Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Unique Piece
What is your style, and why it makes you unique?

and please do not say, 'Oh, my hollister styleis cas i like it. "Well, that everyone wears, so what do you do to a team to be "yours" and different? this is what I do … my style is girly, i bohemian chic. add vintage and unique pieces in my 'in' clothes so that nobody else is 'in' clothes sameas mine. and I love purple / plum eyeliner, while the whole world (to my knowledge) uses black or brown. Wen i told everyone elses in the same clothes that I mean mine is mine

hey gurl. Im 13 and enter 8th grade. My style is girly chic. I think my style is deff. only because I take a lot of classical pieces and add them to the fashionable "in" trends. I am also inspired by clothes from around the world. As might have wooden beads from Africa and pink blouses France. * I dont get from the country, but find other similar * And if you ask anyone you know, I always use bright colors like aqua eye shadow, purple and green. As people use light gray, pink. Hope I helped!

unique piece

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