Vacuum Cleaner

By · Monday, January 4th, 2010

Vacuum Cleaner
What kind of vacuum I get?

I am looking for a vacuum cleaner, preferably baggless, and preferably less than 200. He floors hardwood, carpet area, fully carpeted some areas, and some sofas I like to keep clean with her. What brand and type of vacuum would you recommend?

I repair the gaps of life, so seeing the strengths and weaknesses of all types of vacuum cleaners. I recommend you go to the limit top of your budget and not the child. For example, I'm always repair $ 50-100 gaps are less than a year old. Of course, that does not mean that all gaps less expensive than done, especially if cared for properly, but chances are much greater. Having said that, for that price range that would be a Hoover Wind Tunnel. Although Hoover is not the brand it used to be amazing, the wind tunnel seems to be a decent vacuum, with less problems then the rest. Also, after every empty can I repair my test on a strip of carpet vacuumed dust some deodorant. The wind tunnel seems to better capture the Most vacuums. They also have the option to convert the roll out (by hardwood) and have built-in tools. If you spend a little more money you can get with a self-drive option although I would not recommend spending the extra money unless you really need (ie, recent back surgery). Being a technician, I also suggest you purchase a vacuum bag. It's not really hard to change, are not as complicated as most people think, and usually (if following the manufacturer's recommendations for replacing the filters) end up being cheaper.

WALL•E and the vacuum cleaner

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