Vacuum Siphon

By · Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Vacuum Siphon

The fish tank is the most important thing for fish. Goldfish get their air from the surface, so a tank that has a lot of surface. In order to calculate the surface area, multiply the length of the aquarium in inches by its depth in inches. For every inch of length of fish, you should have 30 square inches of surface. So if the fish is three inches long, you need 90 square centimeters.

Your goldfish must have water on the quality of the right to be healthy. The Tap water is generally fine to use, but try to let the faucet run for a minute or so before taking any water. Before using water, must be allowed to sit for night. This will get rid of any chlorine in the water.

The water in the tank should be kept clean. You can accomplish this by doing water changes. Do not change the water all at once however. You just do a partial water change. Around once a week should a change of 30% water. If your tank is ten gallons, then switch to three gallons of water. Remember to let the new water sit overnight before putting it into the tank. Remove the three gallons of old water and slowly add 3 gallons of fresh water. The best way to remove water from the aquarium is the use of a siphon hose. You can also use this vacuum the gravel.

Your goldfish should be fed every day. There are many commercial fish food colors that work well. Be sure not to overfeed the fish though. Do not feed more food than they can eat in a couple of minutes. If they do not eat all the food, you should clean the tank or cause the aquarium dirty.

A filter for the tank is highly recommended. This kept clean and remove water and impurities in the tank. An external box filter works great because it does not take up space in your tank and adds more oxygen for fish.

There are also some other things you need for your deposit. A bell should be added to prevent any fish from jumping or falling dust in a airstones must also put in the tank. It makes bubbles in the water that keeps the water oxygenated. In the bottom of your tank, you should put an eighth of an inch of land. Your goldfish really well.

If you do these things for their fish, which are very healthy and happy. Try to see the fish every day so you will notice if they are acting strangely. If they are acting strangely, something in the tank is probably wrong.

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